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My name is Rocky and I'm an application engineer and drone pilot based in Shenzhen, China. I used to work for DJI, the world leader in drone and camera stabilization technology, and our team develop industry changing products like the Ronin 2 and Inspire 2. 


In 2019, I decided to start my own company called Rocky Design, to create accessories for the film industry that could seamlessly interface with the DJI ecosystem and improve the user's experience. 



Our mission is simple--create high quality, innovative tools for filmmakers at an affordable price. 


We respect intellectual property. None of our accessories are reversed engineered, knockoffs or copies of products that are already exist on the market. Our products are solely the result of years of experience working as an application engineer, my deep understanding of the DJI ecosystem, and my passion to create useful and innovative tools for filmmakers. 


All of our products are carefully designed, assembled and tested by myself. Being based in Shenzhen gives me the unique opportunity to be able to source parts, design and build prototypes, and ultimately manufacture within a very short time frame. Manufacturing in such small batches assures an unparalleled level of quality control and customer satisfaction. 

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